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Introduction to sustainability in fashion

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Introduction to sustainability in fashion

Sustainability in fashion is a topic close to our heart at Baustelle. We love clothes and love to create and produce new clothes for you. At the same time we have to face some harsh realities: fashion is claimed to be the second most polluting industry in the world.

From our side it doesn’t really matter if fashion is really the second most polluting industry in the world. Or if it is ‘only’ the third or fourth most polluting industry. The fact remains that some aspects of fashion and its supply chain are causing huge environmental damage. And as well the fashion industry is often extremely unfriendly to the people working on the end product. For example paying less than a decent living wage or forcing people to work under unsafe circumstances.

An interesting documentary to watch is the “True Cost”. Have a look here at the trailer. It is also available for streaming on Netflix. The documentary sheds a light on some of the darker aspects of fashion. Needless to say we at Baustelle do not support the practices described in the documentary, such as the race to the bottom in terms of prices.

After reading and watching so much negativity – what do we do about this at Baustelle?

We’re strong believers in a positive approach. So we will focus our efforts on what we can do – instead of what we can’t do. As a very small fashion brand we do not yet have the power to change the entire industry. However we can make sure that our brand is as sustainable as possible and keep you informed along the way of our progress. The dream: to become a leader in sustainable fashion and look back in 5 – 10 years and be able to say we really made an impact!

Focus points

The main focus points of our sustainability efforts at Baustelle are the following two:

  1. Reducing the negative ecological impact of our supply chain.
  2. Ensuring fair and safe working conditions for the people working on our products.

We chose these two to start because we believe these are achievable for us. For example it is even for a company of our size possible to have a large part of the collection produced on certified organic cotton. 

Our first step in the direction of achieving these two points is giving full transparency. To our customers, our competition and anyone else interested in reading about it. We do this so we can start a discussion and hopefully get interesting input from outside as to where we can and should improve next.

Stay tuned! And please send any comments or questions you may have to

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