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Honest Basics

It's been a while since I wrote a sustainability update. Does that mean I've done nothing? Not quite!!

I've launched a second brand called Honest Basics which is focused specifically on sustainable fashion. I felt it wasn't enough to just try and make Baustelle as sustainable as possible, but wanted to start a brand which has sustainability at the core of what it does.

Our mission at Honest Basics is to bring easy, every day sustainability to customers in Europe. We focus on basics, because everybody needs them and everybody wears them. And we make it affordable for everyone by offering prices that are close to fast fashion prices - so for the first time you have a sustainable option that doesn't drain your wallet.

It has been quite succesful so far, and I've decided to not update this blog at Baustelle for the moment, but focus all the sustainability efforts on Honest Basics. As there we can become a true leader in the green fashion movement!

All future t-shirts will be printed on Honest Basics t-shirts. They are 100% organic cotton and GOTS-certified, meaning that not only are they produced according to the highest ecological standards - but also factories are checked for fair working standards.

Check out the website here and don't forget to follow the Instagram!!

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