Free shipping to Germany! Low rates for the rest of the world.
Free shipping to Germany! Low rates for the rest of the world.
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Packaging of orders

When you open-up your Baustelle order, you won’t find any fancy packaging inside. Colorful paper, ribbons, gift bags would make your unwrapping experience more memorable. However I’ve decided to keep the extras to a minimum – because usually these are the first things you’ll throw away. And I'm trying to set up a brand with minimal environmental footprint.

As packaging we use:

  • Carton box or envelope for very small orders;
  • Card with a message, currently it is showing the “swan sketches”, it is printed on recycled paper;
  • No invoice, I stopped doing this after a friend told me it is just a waste of paper and anyway customers get the invoice per e-mail. 

The box itself I’m ordering from a webstore specialized in (carton) packaging. I quite like the box as it is versatile. It can be adjusted to fit the contents and when only 1 sweater is inside it should still fit in your post box.

The box itself is from a brand called Colompac and it is certified by FSC to be from “responsible sources”. I think this sounds like a good step in the right direction. As it is not my expertise (nor should it be) I’m not diving any deeper into the subject. Ideally I think the carton itself could already be made from recycled paper or carton. Once my quantities in carton boxes increase I’ll look deeper into possibilities.

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