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Something Interesting 1

Once in a while I'll share some web-articles here – written by other outlets – that I find interesting. New developments in the sustainability field and similar things.

First off an interesting project in China where several organizations have launched a map together, which shows pollution caused by the textile industry almost in real time. It is an interesting initiative because with the visibility it brings brands can take steps to reduce pollution. Read the full Quartz article here. And see the map itself here.

Second an article on issues of working with hemp in the US. Hemp can be used as an alternative fiber to for example cotton to create anything from t-shirts to outerwear. However apparently there are issues in the US to grow hemp, as the plant falls under the drug laws. Technically however the plant used to grow hemp for textiles is not the same one as the plant used to grow weed 😊… Read the full article here.

When I have time I’ll dive deeper into hemp and it’s qualities. I didn’t know for example that it can be used to create jackets / coats or overalls. The picture and this link will show you some nice hemp products from Patagonia. Here is more information that google found me on the specific qualities of hemp.


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