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Something interesting 2

Some new developments in the sustainability field as reported by others.

First off there are two interesting articles from Racked showing that there is something wrong with our second hand clothes industry. Apparently our left-overs are being shipped in such large numbers to Africa that now some East-African countries are imposing an import ban on second hand clothing. As well a very interesting article about the illegal importing of second hand clothing into Mexico from the US.

Both articles show one and the same problem: both the US and Europe ‘produce’ so many second hand clothes that we don’t know what to do with them anymore. And a solution has apparently been for years to dump these old clothes in developing countries. Not even as charity but as a business where people need to make a profit. It illustrates that in the end something in the ‘fashion system’ is very much broken. We produce ever more clothes and wear them for a shorter amount of time. Leaving in the end so much left-overs that even the ultimate outlet says “enough”.

And then an update on Business of Fashion on fashion’s seven priorities to achieve sustainability. It is nothing extremely new – but it is nice to see them all lined up like this. Still something like “companies should formalise respectful working conditions with policies that adhere to universal human rights” could most certainly have been done years ago?

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