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Free shipping to Germany! Low rates for the rest of the world.
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Sustainability at Baustelle

Probably you've heard that fashion is not the most sustainable industry out there. It can be polluting, contributing to global warming and sometimes people in the industry are working under horrible circumstances.

At Baustelle we want to minimize our impact on the environment and make sure that the people working in our supply chain do so in humane working conditions. As a small brand we've found that we do not have the power, budget or time to always insist on the most sustainable production methods. We have to be practical and compromise sometimes.

We do aim to give you full transparency. What is sustainable. And if it is not, why we chose to go for a less sustainable production method. If you would like to add to the discussion in any way: please get in touch!



All t-shirts we've made so far have been printed on plain t-shirts from a brand called Earth Positive. If you're looking for plain basic t-shirts (non-printed) we would actually also recommend them. Earth Positive guarantees that their t-shirts are made from organic cotton, using climate neutral production and that the works are treated fairly.


The first round of 32 swan sweaters has been made on available 50% cotton / 50% polyester fabric. We went for this fabric at the time, because it was available at the factory in the small quantity we needed. If we would have insisted on for example 100% organic cotton the cost would have gone up a lot (and the samples were already expensive). As well as the delivery date would have moved 5-6 weeks. For us it was most important to get the samples at a reasonable cost and time, to see if there was a customer interest for them. The samples have been made in Portugal.

Next round of Swan sweaters is being planned at the moment. It seems unfortunately that again we will have to go with an available fabric (so non-organic cotton). Again the timing is an issue: organic cotton fabric takes 5-6 weeks longer to produce. The yarns have to be acquired specially (sometimes imported from one country to the next). This is causing extra time. At the time of writing it is most likely that we'll go with available fabric for the next round of Swan sweaters. If the sweaters arrive too late in the season you (the customer) will not buy them anymore.

Cost difference

There is a cost difference. For example a plain white t-shirt from Earth Positive costs me about 6 euros. And a plain white t-shirt from the cheapest brand would be about 3 euros. This means that on the retail side we have to charge higher prices. We plan to give you a detailed cost breakdown in the future.


Again if you have questions or want to discuss points. We're happy to talk!