Free shipping to Germany! Low rates for the rest of the world.
Free shipping to Germany! Low rates for the rest of the world.
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Limited Edition Swan Hoodies
Limited Edition Swan Hoodies
Limited Edition Swan Hoodies
Limited Edition Swan Hoodies
Limited Edition Swan Hoodies

Limited Edition Swan Hoodies

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Remember when we asked whether you'd prefer white or pink print on the new "white swan" hoodies? In the end we went for pink - however we still have 2 samples with the all-white print. They were made for the photoshoots and in the end not used.

There are 2 all-white "white swan" hoodies. They are both in XS. There are just 2, so you and your twin will be unique in the world.

And then there is one blue "black swan" hoodie. It is a very nice dark blue, close to what we'd call midnight. Some have said they even prefer this color over the all-black hoodies that are coming in September! There is just one unique hoodie in size S available, it was made to confirm the fit of the new hoodies.

All 3 hoodies are ready and will ship directly after you order!

Fit is the same as the 'classic' swan sweaters, just the sleeves are a bit longer. For fit examples: on our Instagram Ashley Lew and Laura Fernandez-Gromova are wearing an XS. Julia Kobzar is wearing a S. If you have questions feel free to ask :)...

The hoodies are the same as the final hoodies that will drop next month:

  • Comfy loopback sweat fabric (same as the swan sweaters).
  • Elongated sleeves with thumb holes.
  • Pockets in the side seam.
  • The "white swans" also have the secret swan printed on the back beneath the hood. The blue hoodie doesn't have this unfortunately and we'll therefore sell it cheaper.


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